Getting text to show in Inkscape svg

Today I ran into a common problem when editing an svg file that I’d forgotten about since the last time I used inkscape to animate a presentation.  I created a new text element in the program but when I went to embed it, the text didn’t show up.  I tried all sorts of things but then remembered this trick that I learned when working with Sozi, a fantastic little nonlinear presentation editor for Inksape.  Apparently in Inkscape simply writing text with the little text editor isn’t sufficient to get it to render in animations, web browsers and alike.

So what to do?

Inkscape’s text appears just fine but only after it’s been converted to a path.

  1. Select the text object you wish to display.Test
  2. Then go up to path and select “Object to Path.”ToPath
  3. Save the changes and you should be all set.
Getting text to show in Inkscape svg

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