File Dialogue crashes LibreOffice on saving

In my Kubuntu 12.04, every time I tried to save a libre office document for the first time or did a save-as (basically it seemed to be whenever the file dialogue would pop up.  The program would eat it without saving a damn thing after I either pressed “Save” or “Cancel.”  It did not however do so when I would save to an already created document (no file dialogue there).

Skip down to update to see an even better way.
Anyway, I didn’t exactly fix it but I did find a work-around.  I uninstalled the package “libreoffice-kde” and everything was all better.  Sure, the program doesn’t look quite as pretty but all the functionality is there, it’s stable and it works well.  Don’t know why it works but it did.  If it doesn’t cure your problems, it’s easy enough to reinstall with no hassle.
Update:  Some folks below brought it to my attention that there’s a more sophisticated (less neanderslobish) way to fix the issue.  Go to Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> General.  Then, look for the box next to “Use LibreOffice dialogues;” it’s most likely unchecked.  By checking it, I was able to keep libreoffice-kde and have the program work like a charm.  This was much better than running the software without the kde embelleshemnts…it just looked so…grey.  Thanks so much Alefa and “m.”
File Dialogue crashes LibreOffice on saving

Fixing blue tint in youtube videos

Ever since some time in late March, my Youtube videos have been blue.  I put up with it, figuring that once I upgraded to Kubuntu 12.04 (which I did this evening), everything would be fixed.  …nope.  So then I decided to use the Googler and figure out what to do.

Apparently it’s caused by a bug in the latest update for flash and Adobe is not being quick to correct it (we all know how long it took for them to acknowledge 64 bit computers).  But anyway, I did the following:

1)  I created a new adobe directory under etc

sudo mkdir /etc/adobe

2)  I then modified the Flash configuration by the following line of code that I blindly pasted into my terminal because the internetz told me to.  (I figured if it turned out we don’t want nOverrideGPUValidation, whetever the hell that is, to be true we could just delete the directory and hope everything goes back to normal)

echo -e "EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1\nOverrideGPUValidation=true" | sudo tee /etc/adobe/mms.cfg > /dev/null

Anyway, much to my delight, it worked.  Here’s the source of the info:

Fixing blue tint in youtube videos