Notes: To import a csv into a heroku table

if you want to import a csv to a heroku table, execute the following command:

psql `heroku config:get DATABASE_URL -a your_app`?ssl=true -c "\copy your_table FROM '/tmp/rows.csv' WITH CSV;"

Replacing your_table and your_app with the appropriate info

Notes: To import a csv into a heroku table

Notes: basic psql commands

As I’m learning postgresql to develop with Heroku, here are my notes on some of the basic commands that are necessary to move around within the command-line interface.

Logging in under the postgres user (this would be like root in mysql)
psql -U postgres -h localhost

To list all databases:

To connect to a database (similar to use database in mysql):
\c the_database

To list tables in that database:

To list the columns in a particular table:
\d table_name

To view all rows in a given connected table (just the standard sql command):
select * from the_table

To quit out of the psql command-line utility:

Notes: basic psql commands